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Linking People with Possibilities
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About Us

TradeLink Solutions provides talent acquisition services for companies in the construction and engineering industries. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and sustainable energy candidates for direct placement. For over 15 years, we have worked hard to find people suitable possibilities and connect them to the perfect company.

We get the job done for contractors and invest the time to find the right candidates to meet their personnel objectives. We also can adjust our screening process to accommodate your existing interview process and make recruitment a seamless pairing. You have enough to handle in your business, and TradeLink can make hiring staff relief for you. We specialize in placement services and can help you find the next team member for your company today!

TradeLink presents candidates to the company per your specific criteria and can coordinate the interviews, candidate selection, and personality match. It can even facilitate the onboarding process to make it easy to hire the right person when needed.

TradeLink Solutions:
Linking People with Possibilities


I’m an Employer

As an Employer, you need to focus on hiring qualified staff to grow your business. Finding the time to recruit, screen, qualify and hire the right person is tedious. Choosing the right person can be more challenging these days and costlier, especially if they don’t match your expectations.

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Choosing business partners is not easy in an industry filled with so many challenges. TradeLink strives to provide a simplistic approach to talent acquisition that adheres to the basics of employment services for the trade-related industry.

TradeLink combines in-depth recruiting experience with top-grade screening to determine our clients’ requests. TradeLink is a direct placement firm specializing in construction and engineering. We pride ourselves on putting the best candidate with the right client and making a difference for our clients. We specialize in the trade-based industry niche to focus on the positions we know best.

So whether you’re a contractor hiring for a new staff position, or a corporate recruiter seeking that perfect fit for a new project, TradeLink should be your first call. We have the knowledge and resources to meet your hiring/employee needs throughout the U.S. or local, depending on your business needs.

There are multiple options for using a placement service. From a partner agreement for retained search to pay-per-placement options, we offer you a wide selection of services to match your needs.

I’m a Candidate

When searching for a better career opportunity, use TradeLink Solutions to gauge what possibilities are available in the marketplace. Our job is to connect you with the option you want to meet your career goals and provide you with industry data, updates, and advice.

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Whether you’re a fresher or someone who is looking for a career change, we have jobs to match your experience and can meet your career goals.

Let’s begin working together for your next career opportunity today!

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Our Fee Structure

TradeLink can help you save time and money on hiring personnel for your company. Your time is valuable, and the process of hiring staff is just one more role you have to play. Allow TradeLink to take some of that stress off of your shoulders.

Find the best and most professional people for your company with us. While you focus on building your dream practice and growing your business, we do the heavy lifting for you. We are actively engaged in recruiting, qualifying, and coordinating the candidate hiring process on behalf of your company. We will get in touch with you to understand your needs and choose the right candidate for you.

Contingent Placement Fee

The one-time payment is only due once the candidate has been selected and hired to your company. No other costs are due until we find you the right person for your company.

Retained Search Fee
Placement Fee is paid over a period of time in three different installments to attract the best candidates to your company. The first installment is due when the search begins, the second installment is when the candidate is hired, and the final installment is after 30 days of work at your company.
Multi-Tier Placement Fee
For multiple positions within a single company, there are numerous payment options for the client with many personnel needs. Let us know your specific needs, and we can customize a plan that perfectly fits your company’s needs.



"I can highly recommend Adam to find your next career advancement. He is very responsive, down-to-earth and passionate about connecting the right person with the right career opportunity. Adam connected me with my current employer and 2 years later I am confident it was the right decision" - Brandon Bivens

"Whether you are looking for quality prospects to fill a position in your company or are looking for other options in your own career, Adam is the guy you need to call. He has contacts across the country and will stay involved with you during the entire process. I've been involved with Adam when I was looking for new opportunities for myself and when I was in need of finding quality people for my staff. In both instances, Adam delivered. He is professional and will work with you til the end to find the perfect situation or personnel for your needs" - Roger Greathouse

"Adam is the best recruiter I have seen in years. His attention to detail, people skills and professionalism are top notch. He is very considerate to the clients needs and goes the extra mile to always include the extra details. In my opinion he has mastered his craft. I would recommend him to anyone I know" - Randall Naylor

"During our tenure of working together I was impressed with Adam dedication to his clients and to helping his fellow coworkers. His sense of integrity and desire to genuinely help others is an inspiration to others around him. I look forward to working with Adam again on future projects" - Brian Boulden

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